Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Sony Aims for 20% Image Sensor Sales Growth This Year, Following 40% Growth Last Year

Reuters: Tomoyuki Suzuki, head of Sony's device solutions business, said he expected sensor sales to grow about 100 billion yen ($804 million) to 550 billion in the year ending March 2016. That would be slower than the 40% rise of the previous year. But Suzuki said demand was so strong that Sony was struggling to keep up.

"We're seeing very good demand at the moment," he told Reuters in an interview. "We don't have slack."

Apple is Sony's top customer, followed by Samsung. Chinese handset makers such as Xiaomi also use Sony sensors for high-end models, analysts said.

"We want to be inside a variety of customers," Suzuki said. "When it comes to semiconductors, if you can't make use of production capacity you quickly end up with a loss. So if you want to avoid that volatility the important thing is to have good balance with several customers."

"Of course we will meet the requirements of our top customer, but we are expanding capacity with orders from Chinese smartphone makers in mind," Suzuki said.

The superior low-light sensitivity would give Sony an advantage as it expands into automobile-related products, Suzuki said.


  1. Sony just release a whole new batch of sensor
    42.4 MP 35mm BSI sensor with 5K capability
    20.2 MP 1“ Stacked sensor that can do full HD at 1000 fps

    1. There is some contradictory information about the resolution in the 1000 fps mode. Some places it states far lower resolution at that speed. Much points towards a misunderstanding somewhere. I guess the full HD 1000 fps is upscaled in post processing or non existent.

      The 42,5 Mp sensor probably reads 8K at 24 fps, like stated by someone else here in this blog.

  2. In WWDC, Apple said its iPhone 6 starts with 16GB instead of 32GB because it wants to lower costs in order to pay for the SONY camera. In this case how can Apple upgrade iPhone 6S to 12MP camera with SONY image sensor?


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