Friday, June 12, 2015

Yole on Omnivision Acquisition

Yole Developpement publishes its analysis of Omnivision acquisition by Chinese investment funds. Few quotes:

" OmniVision is Chinese. This is certainly good news for the industry since it should renew competition facing a much more dominating Sony. If you are looking at the recent changes in the situation, there are 3 aspects of competition at play and OmniVision management is playing very well:

First, OmniVision management must fix the technology gap by massively investing in technology with foundry partners TSMC and now with their move to use XMC as main foundry partner.

Second, they must build market partnership and tie themselves closer to loyal customers. Smartphone cameras have become so important that trust and reliability has become essential.

Third, they must get access to capital in order to finance technology and product development in a quickly evolving market.

By becoming Chinese, OmniVision is providing the right answers to those 3 aspects.


  1. It's really a joke to place Galaxycore in the Kep Players. The 20-50$ "smartphone" will fade out rapidly.

  2. Pixart sells a little image sensor but a lot of mouse sensor...


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