Friday, February 05, 2016

Albert Theuwissen Reviews Panasonic ISSCC Papers

Albert Theuwissen publishes a review of Panasonic organic sensor papers presented at ISSCC 2016 this week. This is the first part of his ISSCC review.


  1. How close is Panasonic global shutter+ultra wide DB sensor to production? That will tip the balance in the camera mkt. But Pany has a habit/history of sitting on its rear end. It didn't do much w SmartFSI, micro color splitter, etc. I hope Fuji will nudge it to faster actions, before both are crushed by Sony.
    Thx for the writeup, though I still don't understand one key point: if Pany can make two photocells per pixel, w two different areas and well capacities, others can do the same for regular CMOS to mix high sensitivity w high saturation. Pany says it utilizes OPF film special property for conversion, but the ability to produce mixed cells has nothing to do w this property and that is what makes the wider DR possible. Would appreciate insight from the author or others.

  2. Dark current and DSNU are killers of these pixels. Invisage including. No Panasonic neither Invisage wanted to show any DC/DSNU numbers.

  3. very interesting, I would like to know the ITO transmission for visible light in their case.

  4. Can be over 95 % in the visible spectrum.


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