Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SD Optics Presents All-In-Focus Demo

SD Optics, the maker of MALS (Micro Mirror Array Lens System) shows a Youtube demo of all-in-focus imaging. The key advantages of MALS are said to be:

  • Ultra High Focusing Speed up to 12000Hz
  • Long Term Reliability more than 1 billion operating cycle
  • Ultra Small Power Consumption less than 1mA
  • Shock Resistance more than 5000G
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 ~ 100 deg.C
  • Single Camera Based 3D Camera
  • Volumetrically 25% Smaller than Current Technology Based Module


  1. 1 billion cycles @ 12000 Hz = 23 hours...

    1. The calculation is great.^^
      Thanks for your interest.
      The billion cycles we have mentioned is a symbolic presentation of a permanent life.
      We have lots of vision inspection reference using MALS™.
      However, We have never received a request to drive MALS™ over 12,000 times per second for an application from customers.
      Among the many Vision Inspection application requests received from customers,
      We explain below only a few applications that required the largest number of pictures per second.
      First, the MALS™ has been installed to inspect defects of the display panel.
      It took a picture 30 times per second without a break for two years since installation and MALS™ has never been defocused nor malfunctioned. In other words, MALS™ are able to continue taking pictures 2 billion over two years. Also, we believe it will be continued.
      In another case, MALS™ was used for the LCD Driver IC manufacturer for Vision Inspection.
      It took a picture 20 times per second, driven tirelessly for four years, without defocus or malfunction.
      Currently it also runs well.
      And the other case was to inspect defects of each lens surface of the Lens Assy.
      MALS™ captures images by focus change on upper/bottom sides of the lens surfaces by 4-individual illumination system alternately turning on. It means, if there are 6 lenses, first it captures 12 images from upper/lower sides of the lens surfaces and then captures 48 images from 4 types of illumination so that accurate images can be captured at ultra-high speed by various illuminations. It has to take a picture 48 times per second for one year since installation without a break. These MALS™ have never been defocused nor malfunctioned.
      Term reliability of more than 1 billion cycles means that no reliability problem for more than 10 billion cycles.

      Although it is permanent we think it is preferable to express guarantee levels.
      Whose vari-focal camera can guarantee such number in the world?
      If you have application areas where you can apply to 12000Hz, please introduce to us.
      After a few years, we will be able to show you not to change the performance of the MALS.
      Please feel free to question.


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