Monday, February 22, 2016

ON Semi Unveils 1.1um Pixel with 82% QE

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor presents AR1337, a 1/3.2-inch 13MP BSI device for consumer products such as smartphones and tablets. The AR1337 incorporates SuperPD PDAF technology, which delivers focus speeds of 300 ms or less - even in low lighting conditions below 25 lux. Furthermore, by utilizing its on-chip PDAF processing the AR1337 simplifies integration into smartphone platforms.

This AR1337 image sensor has a 4208 x 3120 array of the company’s proprietary advanced 1.1┬Ám pixels, said to have the best in class SNR. Its QE reaches up to 82%, providing industry-leading sensitivity. The AR1337 speed at full resolution is 30fps and supports many video modes including 4K video at 30 fps and 1080P video at 60 fps. The camera synchronization controls enable dual camera video capture.

Consumers expect increasingly high performance for their smartphone cameras. They demand great image quality, the ability to take photos in lower light conditions and more recently, the desire for lightning fast autofocus,” comments Vladi Korobov, GM and Senior Director of Technology for the Mobile & Consumer Image Sensor at ON Semiconductor. “With the AR1337 we are responding to each of these demands. Not only does it have great image quality, but its SuperPD technology enables OEMs to achieve fastest possible autofocus locking times.

The AR1337 is sampling in Bare die format today and is expected to be in mass production in Q2 2016.


  1. Can be QE of clear pixel in RB-W Clarity+ CFA

  2. The web page shows that AR1337 uses Bayer pattern. So this is most likely Green QE.

  3. This is being used in the new Hero 5 GoPro.


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