Thursday, February 18, 2016

More About Invisage SparkP2 Sensor

ExtremeTech seems to get some exclusive marketing materials on the Invisage SparkP2 sensor:

"Due to the composition of our atmosphere, the sun emits only about a quarter of the radiation at 940nm than it does at 850nm. That means that a much-less-powerful LED can be used for outdoor applications, and still be effective. That is why the SparkP2 out-performs current-model back-side illuminated (BSI) sensors outdoors — even using a much-lower-power 10 mW LED instead of a 750 mW LED — at least according to Invisage’s tests:"


  1. If this is for structured light I think they meant LD in the text (Laser Diode), not LED (the graph is okay).

    If I were them I wouldn't attack what is probably one of my main hopes of licensing or M&A, but I guess Sony has thick skin (or they have an in at Samsung).

    My experience is that manufacturing infrastructure wins out over incremental improvement. If they do provide lower power but without manufacturing scale, they lose. My experience in consumer electronics you can provide better tech at the same price, but you can't get a premium against an entrenched technology. And I doubt they can compete in cost with Sony or any of the big guys.

    A good example is MEMS AF - much, much lower power, but the VCM guys just lowered their price whenever it got any traction.

    1. their price should be less while noise should be larger. the pictures are very tricky, not fair to compare actually.


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