Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sony Announces 1.0um Pixel, 22.5MP Sensor with Integrated 3-axis Video Stab, HybridAF

Sony announces the commercialization of IMX318 stacked image sensor for smartphones and other devices, a 1/2.6-inch, 22.5MP stacked CMOS sensor with the industry's first built-in high-speed hybrid autofocus (PDAF), as fast as 0.03s (and as fast as 0.017s when shooting video at 60fps), and built-in 3-axis EIS for video. Sony 4K video stabilization relies on the signal output obtained from the external 3-axis (pitch, yaw, and roll) gyro sensor and is said to consume low power. Sony's unique image stabilization technology incorporated into the IMX318 corrects not only camera shake, but also lens distortion. The sensor features Sony new 1.0um pixel. Sony aims to begin shipments for this new CMOS image sensor in May, 2016.

Sony publishes Youtube demos of 3-axis video stabilization and HybridAF of IMX318 "innovative CMOS image sensor" (video 1, video 2):


  1. Really good product to keep their position in smartphone business!

  2. Actually, the latest generation of the Moto X already has a superb digital stabilization, built in. I believe it has the Sony IMX230 sensor. I wonder how it compares with this one (I am guessing, that one has 2-axis stabilization, much like the OIS for most smartphones).
    I hope someone does a test to compare. Also, the low light is something people would want a comparison with.

  3. Sadly, not yet stabilization for still photography.


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