Friday, February 05, 2016

Himax Updates on its CIS Business

Himax reports its Q4 and full fiscal 2015 year results. There are few updates on the company's image sensor business:

"CMOS image sensor business was the main factor behind the year-over year decline. As mentioned in our previous earnings call, our CMOS Image sensor business suffered becaucse we didn’t ramp our 8MP and 13MP sensors as planned due to the lack of Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF), a new but nowadays required feature for high end smartphone. We remained one of the market share leaders in notebook sector.

In terms of our 8MP and 13MP CMOS image sensors with PDAF feature, we are catching up fast. We believe we will be one of the few players capable of providing PDAF-equipped CMOS image sensors in the very near future. We will report progress in due course.

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