Saturday, February 27, 2016

MWC Moments

Epson Moverio new BT-300 AR glasses have gesture control as its main interface (Youtube):

ST presented its ToF SPAD sensors lineup:

Heptagon booth was almost completely dedicated to 3D imaging solutions. While most of them were miniature ToF cameras, there were structured light, stereo, and combined modules too. Heptagon uses an interesting tilted periodic dot pattern in its structured light solution. The claim is that it allows them to use FFT to filter out most of the noise and irrelevant background data and also simplifies processing:

Mediatek boasted its dual camera ISP:

Armdevices post a Youtube video with Mediatek reference design with Dual Rear Camera Depth Mapping:

Many smartphone manufacturers exhibited their dual rear camera devices:

ZTE Axon, 13MP + 2MP rear cameras
LG G5 rear side has 8MP wide angle camera and 12MP one for zoom,
not to talk about 8MP front one
Focalmax uses dual 8MP camera for stereo recording

One of the most creative uses of the camera is a new Oral B Genius 9000 toothbrush that utilizes a smartphone camera to make sure that each and every tooth is properly brushed (WD News):

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