Thursday, February 04, 2016

Panasonic 123dB WDR Organic Sensor

BusinessWire: Panasonic develops a new WDR technology which can improve simultaneous-capture DR 100 times wider than the conventional results, using a CMOS image sensor with an organic photoconductive film (OPF). The Dual-Sensitivity WDR Pixel Technology has two sensitivity detection cells in each pixel, taking advantage of a high-saturation performance and flexibility of a sensitivity setting of OPF CMOS image sensor, in order to achieve simultaneous-capture 123dB WDR. Capacitive-Coupled Noise Canceller Technology cancels pixel reset noise, in order to improve SNR of dark objects.

Panasonic holds 58 Japanese patents and 44 overseas patents (including pending) related to this technology.

Update: Nikkei publishes a 3-page article on this sensor.


  1. S (~PE1) & R (~PE2) pixels from Fujifilm S3 & S5 Pro Super CCD SR are back in a much faster on chip way !

    1. exactly what I tought. That is nothing new, that is SupperCCD


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