Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Automotive Night Vision System Industry Report

ResearchInChina releases "Global and China Automotive Night Vision System Industry Report, 2016-2020." Few quotes:

"Night vision system can solve the vision problem in night driving and thus is the first to be used in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, as well as other luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce Ghost/Wraith, Cadillac CT6, Lexus LS/GS and Maybach S Class. As the core part detector is costly, night vision system hasn't been popularized yet. According to the survey, in 2016, the penetration rate of global automotive night vision system is only 0.47%, of which, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW boast the highest assembly volume, Autoliv serves as the uppermost system provider, and FLIR is the primary supplier of thermal infrared imagers.

Global automotive night vision system suppliers are mainly Autoliv, Delphi, Bosch, Valeo and Visteon. Autoliv as the biggest one serves primarily Audi and BMW and accounts for roughly 60% of the market share. In 2016, Autoliv has launched the third-generation night vision solutions, which is said to be the world’s first night vision system that can detect traffic danger and living things in total darkness or fog.

In the future, with the growth of ADAS market, night vision system will usher in new development opportunities, resulting in fast-growing demand but also a change in product form e.g. fusion as a function of driving safety assistance system, integration with HUD and intelligent headlamp. Besides, whether active or passive night vision systems the technical defects haven’t been effectively improved, without ruling out the possibility of being replaced by other technologies such as millimeter-wave radar and camera in years to come.


  1. Night vision is dead. Better headlamps/glarefree high-beam technology made it dispensable ...

  2. Headlamps/glarefree high-beam technology are dead. Better night vision makes them dispensable... :-)

  3. headlights and night vision are dead. The earth terminating it's rotation made them dispensable!


  4. Night vision in the auto industry will grow dramatically as well as high grade sensors for forward , side and backward looking automotive cameras


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