Sunday, August 28, 2016

Peter Centen Receives SMPTE David Sarnoff Medal

SMPTE announces its 2016 Honors & Awards Recipients. The David Sarnoff Medal Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of new techniques or equipment that have improved the engineering phases of television technology, including large-venue presentations. The award will be presented to Peter G.M. Centen (Grass Valley VP R&D, Cameras) in recognition of his work in image sensors, imaging, and broadcast camera innovation. Centen has been at the forefront of the CCD and CMOS sensor technology, and in 2003 he was awarded an Emmy for the development of high-definition dynamic pixel management (HD-DPM) for CCD sensors.

Below is Peter Centen's HPA 2015 presentation on 4K HDR image sensors:

Update: Peter G.M. Centen (left), GV's VP R&D, Cameras receiving the SMPTE David Sarnoff Medal Award in recognition of his work in image sensors:


  1. This is great! Congratulations Peter!

  2. I do know Peter for many, many years. In the past as a customer of our CCDs, as an imaging colleague afterwards. Great person, great engineer ! Well deserved. Congratulations to Peter and his team.


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