Thursday, August 11, 2016

DIN Standard for Gesture Control Interface

Gestigon reports that German standard office DIN has approved a DIN SPEC 91333 standard for gesture control interfaces. From Google automatic translation:

"DIN SPEC provides instructions and recommendations for the design of the user interface of touchless gesture control in human-system interaction. Components of this document are central concepts, illustrating the process of contactless gesture control and the description, identification and representation (illustration) of human gestures. Furthermore, to define general rules for the design of usable gestures. Furthermore, examples presented touchless gesture. The DIN SPEC does not constitute a comprehensive catalog gesture nor a comprehensive list of applications, since these must be created industry- or application-specific. This DIN SPEC is intended for developers, product manufacturers, buyers, testers and end users of systems with gesture control. This DIN SPEC should together with E DIN EN ISO 9241-960 and ISO / IEC 30113-1 are applied and deals exclusively with the touchless gesture control specific aspects of the user interface in the human-system interaction."

The title page of the document shows a list of contributors to the standard:

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