Friday, August 19, 2016

Canon Proposes "Teardrop" Microlens

Canon patent application US20160233259 "Solid state image sensor, method of manufacturing solid state image sensor, and image capturing system" by Yasuhiro Sekine proposes a "teardrop" shaped microlens in order to reduce lens shading on the periphery of the pixel array:


  1. Can this be practically realized?

    1. Most likely a rudimentary form that performs slighly better and doesn't look anything like the picture. I imagine they're covering themselves for the day they can makes something like this. I wonder what the effect would be on lenses with a large exit pupil that telecentric? Might make it worse.

    2. Well, this patent app, at least, looks possible. There is another recent one from Canon that would never work for too many reasons:


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