Monday, August 29, 2016

FiveFocal Offers Camera Simulator

Ex-CDM Optics (Omnivision) employees have started FiveFocal company offering Imager, a camera simulator software. The image sensor pixel model is fairly basic, making it simple enough for general public to use and understand:

The company also has a very nice blog covering different camera and optics design topics, such as camera optimizations for vision algorithms:


  1. From my discussions with them and the quick test of their software, i also found the pixel model very basic, even not all first order effects are not modeled.

    We could not combine our more advanced pixel simulator with their software directly.

  2. For those that looked through our blog posts you may have seen our validation post that shows that we get the same mean noise and same Poisson distribution from our simulation as we do from the camera we were modeling, so it certainly captures all of the first order effects. It also accurately models the roll off due to mismatch between lens CRA and the microlens shifts and the impact of the pixel geometry on the SFR among many other interesting camera level effects. Some of our customers have done similar validation studies and achieved similar results.

    We have a responsive development team and are actively advancing the software and model, so if any of you in the community see something that you think is missing, please let me know.

    Kenny Kubala
    Chief Technology Officer
    FiveFocal LLC

  3. I think there is probably a big overlap between the nuts and bolts of this simulator and the work in the CGI community (e.g. Disney, Pixar, etc.) based on what I have seen from technical talks by that latter group of people. Seems like FiveFocal would be a natural acquisition target of an expanding CGI company in addition to being a valuable asset of the rest of the imaging community. Good stuff!


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