Sunday, August 28, 2016

Interview with ULIS PM

Yole Developpement publishes an interview with Cyrille Trouilleau, Product Manager at ULIS. Few quotes:

"ULIS, a subsidiary of Sofradir, specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative thermal image sensors for commercial and defense applications... Founded in 2002, ULIS has grown to become the second largest producer of thermal image sensors (microbolometers)... ULIS is active in the surveillance, thermography, defense and outdoor leisure markets where we already sold more 500,000 thermal sensors worldwide.

...ULIS experienced strong growth in 2015, with close to a 20% increase in volume sales over 2014. Not due to exceptional event, growth we saw is supported by an increase of the demand coming from all the markets; 2016 signs remain as so positive and we expect to reach at least the same growth.


  1. So who us the number one maker of these Chips if ULIS is number 2

  2. is scd and flir #1 and #3

    1. The two leaders of this market are FLIR & ULIS; with about 70% market share.
      scd is a very small player. YOLE mentionned chinese competition to be stronger.


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