Saturday, August 13, 2016

ON Semi Image Sensor Business Results

ON Semi Q2 2016 earnings report updates on image sensor business:

"Now let me provide you an update on performance of our business units, starting with Image Sensor Group, or ISG. Revenue for ISG was approximately $173 million, up approximately three percent as compared to the first quarter.

We have clearly established ourselves as a technology and market leader in ADAS. We continue to reinforce our leadership position and we are now enabling future autonomous driving vehicles through our expertise in automotive CMOS image sensors. We are working with all major auto OEMs and tier-1 integrators to define next generation platforms. In Korea, we are benefitting from adoption of surround view cameras in vehicles, with strong wins for our CMOS Image Sensor in multiple upcoming models. We are seeing acceleration in revenue for our recently launched 1MP and 2MP CMOS image sensors for in-cabin driver monitoring applications.

In the machine vision market, our Python series of CMOS image sensor continues to grow at a rapid pace. Our CCD image sensors for industrial applications also grew at an impressive pace in the second quarter driven by demand for machine vision applications, such as flat panel inspection. We expect continued growth in our machine vision revenue driven by increased automation in manufacturing, and investments by industrial companies in upgrading their manufacturing capabilities.

However, it appears that other product groups were more successful than ISG, so the share of image sensor business has shrunk to 20%:

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