Tuesday, August 16, 2016

poLight Raises $20M

ArcticStartup: Norway’s poLight raises $20M at valuation of $74M. The company has raised a total of $60.4M, and it aims to go public in the near future. “poLight aims to complete an IPO within one year,” the company said.

Over the past 18 months, poLight has been able to significantly mature its technology and have brought a commercial breakthrough for the company’s autofocus lens closer,” the company said. In cooperation with STMicro and THEIL, the company’s assembly partner in Taiwan, the production of the first product, TLens Silver, has been qualified.

The priorities going forward will be to ramp up production and secure the first customer. poLight is in dialog with several potential customers, and several processes to qualify the company’s technology are ongoing,” the firm said.

TLens Silver Spec @ 25C


  1. Any hints of any products? Vendors in China? Prototypes?

  2. Good now let's see some products

  3. poLight sets up competencecenter in Tampere, Finland:

    Zero delay Focus with poLight TLens:

    poLight @ MEMS Summit in Stuttgart:

  4. https://www.netfonds.no/quotes/release.php?id=20180912.OBI.20180912S12

    poLight getting closer to 1. design win and IPO!


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