Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3D Depth Sensing Tutorials

Hotchips Symposium publishes tutorials and other video from its August 2016 sessions. One of the videos talks about 3D sensors and applications (pdf files are linked below):

Intro: 3D Sensors for the Rest of Us
Larry Yang, Google

VR and AR Anytime and Everywhere: Contributions of PMD Depth Sensing to an Evolving Ecosystem
Bernd Buxbaum, PMD Tech

“Speaking in Volumes”: Volumetric Data Acceleration for Dense SLAM
David Moloney, Movidius

Inuitive Breakthrough Solution for AR and VR Worlds
Dor Zepeniuk, Inuitive

3D Reconstruction for Consumer Mobile Devices
Ivan Dryanovsk, Google

Mobile 3D Capture for Professional Applications
Rafael Spring, DotProduct

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