Saturday, March 04, 2017

MEMSDrive Demos its Image Sensor Stabilization Advantage

MEMS Drive posts a Youtube video showing its 3-axis image sensor stabilization vs Samsung Galaxy S7 OIS:


  1. A nice demo, although they have of course carefully choosen the setup to to show their technology in the best possible light. MEMSDrive is a sensor shift technology so can remove the roll disturbance in the above demo. Most other mobile OIS shift the lens in some way so can remove x/y displacement but not roll.

    However, as we have seen time and again, having a nice demo is only a tiny step along the path to actually shipping in a handset. Compromises needed for high volume assembly, and handset reliability testing have killed most of the other promising technologies that have shown nice demos in the past decade.

    1. Several of the principals and people of MEMSDrive were part of the team at Siimpel and well-schooled by experience in the issues you mention, and more. The bigger issues are COGS and ASP, although production ramp up with high yield is also a challenge.


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