Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Analysts on AR Cameras in Apple Products

Digit publishes a review of different analysts quotes on AR in Apple products:

"UBS' top Apple analyst Steven Milunovich believes that the next-gen iPhone will offer facial recognition...

Andrew Gardiner of Barclays believes that the 3d Camera will come to Apple's anniversary iPhone, which is also being referred to as iPhone 8 or iPhone X. He believes that chipmakers like AMS, STMicroelectronics and Lumentum will be the suppliers for implementing the new technology.

Morgan Stanley, meanwhile, believes Apple will use PrimeSense's technology to enable 3D sensing on iPhones. The report says 3D sensing will be enabled using a light source, and controlling optics, an image sensor and a firmware chip.


  1. yeah, such speculations first of all should be spell checked, unless, indeed, there is something such as a Rront 3D Camera System. Other speculations I have seen include like a combination of ToF and Structured Light which is sort of ludicrous, unless somebody really did something interesting there. There is plenty of speculation, and I really wonder if 3D sensing gets integrated, is it a front or back sensing system? Can't do both, that would be pretty pricey and probably somewhat bulky too.

    Primesense was good at longer distances, and may have tweaked their recipe for short distance performance while at Apple.

    Sure will be fascinating to see what the hw and then the sw user experience Apple has set out for this potentially very disruptive feature.

  2. And what is an OLED front camera?

  3. Imho OLED refers to the screen of the Iphone rather than its camera...


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