Friday, March 24, 2017

Inside ToF Proximity Sensor of iPhone 7 Plus

Systemplus Consulting publishes reverse engineering report of ST SPAD-based proximity sensor inside Apple iPhone 7 Plus. "The custom Apple device measures 2.80 mm x 2.40 mm, half the size of the rest of STMicroelectronics’s portfolio." VCSEL is integrated on top of the SPAD sensor chip:


  1. Very interesting, a heat source mounted on a cmos chip...

  2. The VCSEL is in pulsed mode operation so the heat of this ~2-6mW VCSEL is tiny, though so is the whole thing but I doubt it's an issue. Besides, they probably have 3+ metal layers underneath for heat sinking and the CMOS chip is bonded to a larger heatsink package.

  3. anybody knows where is the VCSEL device from?

    1. VCSEL device from...
      Maybe II-VI Laser, ULM, PHILIPS, HLJ, SONY, Princeton Optronics, ect


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