Sunday, March 26, 2017

ToF Imaging Book

It came to my attention that CRC Press released "High Performance CMOS Range Imaging: Device Technology and Systems Considerations" by Andreas Suss in 2016. The book appears to be a version of Andreas Suss 2014 PhD Thesis, freely available on Duisburg University site.

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  1. Hi Vladimir,
    thank you for the exposure! Indeed this is an updated version of my dissertation. It is a bit cleaned up and printed in proper binding. CRC by the way prints this in a series in which also Renato Turchetta edited an interesting book called “Analog Electronics for Radiation Detection”.

    The ToF pamphlet is basically summarizing my contributions made 2009-2013 in the group of Prof. Bedrich Hosticka (now under Werner Brockherde) at the Fraunhofer IMS/Univ. Duisburg. It has major focus on indirect time-of-flight (mainly pulsed). As it was written ~2012-2013 it didn’t take into account the recent advancements in direct time-of-flight. Therefore, please have a look at the great work from Christiano Niclass (e.g. ISSCC’13), David Stoppa, Eduardo Charbon, Nealle Dutton and so on. David Stoppa also edited a nice ToF book published at Springer. In terms of time-of-flight techniques, my colleagues at IMEC - where I reside as of 2014 - and me wrote an benchmark paper published in SPIE9751.

    Some more recent updates on the pulse modulated time-of-flight work of the IMS have been published at IISW15 and SPIE9751. One of the key-issues of this indirect pulsed modulation approach is calibration. If you are curious, please have a look at SPIE9751 and the work of Adrian Driewer (SPIE9506, Solid-State Electronics 126 (2016), S.51-58 and upcoming thesis). Considering device level, also the work of Adrian or Elena Poklonskaya were dedicated to the FhG-IMS lateral drift-field detector.

    Looking back at the work, I guess the most interesting part was probably rather the JFET readout architecture which was inspired by the work of Matsunaga and Brewer. It is a shame this did not get higher priority – considering that similar devices are now considered for deep-sub electron imaging (look at most recent work of Eric Fossum & Jiaju Ma).

    Kind regards,


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