Wednesday, March 01, 2017

FRAMOS Image Sensor Tech Days 2017

FRAMOS Image Sensor Tech Days workshop, to be held on April 25-26 near Munich, Germany, will feature presentations by SONY Japan, ON Semiconductor and e2v on current developments and future sensor innovations. The conference will focus on Machine Vision, Intelligent Traffic Surveillance (ITS), security and scientific applications, as well as talks on effective equipping, suitable lens solutions and 360° imaging.

SONY Japan will give a talk on its range of Rolling Shutter and Global Shutter sensors and present its new high-speed interface, SLVS-EC, in detail. FRAMOS technicians will introduce the SLVS-EC Reference Design Kit with FPGA implementation and IP, promising shorter development cycles and accelerated design time. SONY will also be presenting their third generation CMOS Global Shutter which will include a live demo. e2v will be introducing their new EMERALD Global Shutter series as well. Based on the world's smallest Global Shutter pixel with 2.8 µm, the new e2v product range will be presented to the public for the first time at the FRAMOS Image Sensor Tech Day conference along with a review of the technical details.

WEPTECH, will be discussing the special requirements of the latest CMOS sensors from a production point of view and presenting innovative equipping and soldering technologies for BGA-/LGA- and PGA image sensors. Computar, will explain what to look out for when choosing the right lens to match the sensor and application, and will talk about the technical lens innovations set to determine the quality of vision systems in the future.

David Mills from ON Semiconductor will present the company's current product range and roadmap for the Global and Rolling Shutter sensors. John Phillips will discuss the technical characteristics of image sensors in the industry, the security sector and special applications, including interface solutions and co-processors for further rapid processing.

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