Monday, March 06, 2017

Mobile Spectrometer Reverse Engineering Report

SystemPlus Consulting publishes a reverse engineering report of SCiO Molecular Sensor from Consumer Physics:

"Consumer Physics is the first to bring spectrometry to consumers. Unlike other spectrometers, Consumer Physics produces a very simple package based on a tiny spectrometer head, with an area of 13 mm x 19 mm.

The SCiO Spectrometer integrates a 1.2 M pixel monochromatic CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor, a white LED from OSRAM... The received light in the spectrometer module is filtered and broken up into different wavelengths by the various lenses...

To provide spectral analysis, SCiO’s distinguishing feature eliminates the optical network usual in spectrometers, replacing it with a bespoke Fabry-Perot filter. All data processing is done by a chipset developed and produced by Analog Devices on a high-density printed circuit board.

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