Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Autosens 2016 Presentations

Autosens kindly published Youtube videos of many presentations from its October 2016 event in Brussels, Belgium. Here is a small fraction of the published stuff:

"Brand New Next Generation Automotive Image Sensor" by Tarek Lule – Chief Imaging System Architect, STMicroelectronics, France:

"3D depth-sensing for automotive: bringing awareness to the next generation of (autonomous) vehicles" by Daniel Van Nieuwenhover – Co-Founder and CTO, SoftKinetic, Belgium:

"CPIQ Update and the Case for Image Quality Standards in Automotive" by Margaret Belska – Chair, IEEE P1858 Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) Workgroup, USA:

"ADAS Front Camera: Demystifying Resolution and Frame-Rate" by Mihir Mody – Senior Principal Architect, Automotive Processor, Texas Instruments, India:

"Novel LiDAR sensing technology: results from new tests and road trials" by Pier-Olivier Hamel – Product Leader, LeddarTech, Canada:

"Challenges with video camera image quality in functional safety for autonomous driving" by Ulrich Seger – Development Next Gen Video Sensor, Optics and Sensor Signal Processing, Robert Bosch, Germany:

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