Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ARM Announces 24b HDR Imaging and Vision Co-Processor

Anandtech: ARM announces Mali-C71 ultra-wide dynamic range (UWDR) ISP with up to 24 stops DR for automotive camera applications. It removes noise and processes the multiple exposures from the camera, creates an ultra-WDR frame and sends it across to a display or a computer vision engine. The Mali-C71 is the first imaging product since ARM acquired Apical in 2016. OmniVision Technologies, a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, has welcomed the development:

OmniVision has been closely collaborating with the ARM ISP team (formerly Apical) for several years now, and see the Mali-C71 as an important advancement in image signal processing for emerging automotive applications. ARM’s expertise in ISP technology together with OmniVision’s best-in-class HDR image sensor technologies offers an industry leading solution for our automotive customers,” said Will Foote, senior partnership manager, OmniVision.

The Mali-C71 brings advanced error detection with more than 300 dedicated fault detection circuits to enable system-level certification to the modern automotive standards (ISO26262, ASIL D and IEC 61508, SIL3). It is able to process up to 4 real-time cameras and 16 camera streams with a single pipeline:

Mali-C71 block diagram

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