Tuesday, April 04, 2017

ULIS Launches Its First 12um Thermal Sensor

ALA: ULIS announces the launch of Atto320, the first in a family of 12um pixel, stand-alone, image sensors. Other 12um products are sold either as modules or thermal camera cores, where access to the thermal image sensor’s performance parameters is restricted. The new fully digital Atto320, a 320×240 microbolometric image sensor consumes less than 220 mW at 60 fps.

ULIS believes in constant innovation and is proud to announce its very first 12-micron product, manufactured using its unique 12-micron pixel pitch manufacturing technology,” said Sebastien Tinnes, marketing manager at ULIS. “Atto320 is the first in our next-generation 12-micron product line. It showcases our expertise in developing innovative products for camera makers seeking more compactness and performance attributes that bring greater competitive advantages. This is a major step forward in our ability to fulfill our customers needs in optimizing the cost, compactness and performance of their systems.


  1. For clarity between 12um pixels vs poss. 12um thermal radiation, the spectral range is stated as 8um to 14um.

  2. I believe these sensors are very cheap.

  3. I believe these sensors are very cheap. however, it seems to me that VOx will be much better.


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