Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mediatek Brags About 10-Frame Fast PDAF+AE+WB with Helio X30 SoC

Mediatek publishes a X30 processor presentation video claiming it's able to achieve PDaf, AE and WB in just 10 frames. The only unknown here is the frame rate during the the PDAF, AE and WB stage.

The Helio X30 SoC camera features:

Imagiq 2.0 ISP
  • Two 14-bit ISPs supporting 16+16MP dual camera functionality allows such as wide+zoom combination lenses allow real-time depth of field effects, fastest auto exposure, improved real-time denoise in low-light conditions.
  • Vision Processing Unit
Vision Processing Unit (VPU) ISP that provides a dedicated processing platform for numerous camera features, freeing up the CPU and GPU and saving power. Key advantages include:
  • Programmability and Flexibility: The VPU provides a platform that allows brands the ability to customize camera functionality and drive product differentiation.
  • Huge Power Reduction: The VPU is a dedicated camera-assisting hardware unit it has the ability to perform real-time processing functions, that were typically assigned to CPU or GPU, with only 1/10th power usage.
  • Performance Boost: The VPU can still be used in isolation or as part of a team with the CPU/GPU, employing heterogeneous computing on same memory subsystem for advanced system or multi-application/function tasks.
  • 4K HDR Video
Imagiq’s Dual Camera Zoom offers 2x optical zoom in a super slim form factor.
  • ClearZoom and Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR) technologies enable a sharp, crisp digital zoom up to 10x magnification.
  • Works for both video and photography.
  • Miravision EnergySmart Screen
Instant AE
  • The dedicated Camera Control Unit (CCU) hardware delivers considerably faster, automatic exposure adjustment when environmental lighting conditions change suddenly. AE convergence speed is up to twice as fast as competitive auto exposure performance.
Deep Learning
  • Access to MediaTek’s deep learning SDK featuring support for Caffe and Google’s TensorFlow frameworks, opening up the latest in machine intelligence to developers.


  1. 10 frames (330 ms) on 3A are impressive, but the mention of 40 frames on AF shows the presenter had no clue what he was talking about. Completing 3A in 700 ms (22 frames) has been a given for the past 10 years for any quality mobile devices.

    1. Forty frames on AF is all inclusive, so you should check the details before being so candid in your anonymous comments based on past 10 years.


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