Thursday, April 20, 2017

KAUST Interview with Eric Fossum

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia publishes an interview with Eric Fossum on CMOS sensor invention history and Quanta image sensor:


  1. I've heard this talk from Eric so many times, but I have yet to hear him speak about actual "process technology" to support the Quantum sensor into a wafer. I've asked Eric about this and got a non-answer. Too bad they didn't get another scientist or seasoned engineer to hold Eric's feet to the fire, so to speak. I consider this a fluff piece because she did not have the expertise to ask did many of the questions many of us would like answers on from Eric. The questioner asked what was the problem this sensor solves, and again a bit of a non-answer. I would suggest the problem this sensor should answer is cost prohibitive geometries below 7nm in typical CMOS process - and inherent quantum tunneling through logic gates. Organic sensors seem to be the next big thing ahead of Quantum sensors, but it too is 5 years out from being a reality.

    1. I can hear AT's voice in my head "don't take the troll bait, don't take the troll bait!"

      -At the IISW we will report on a 1Mjot test device operating at 1040fps implemented in a commercial stacked BSI CIS process with 1.1um pitch, read noise in the 0.20e- rms range, and less than 20mW total power dissipation.
      -the problem the QIS addresses is high resolution, high speed imaging at low light. It is a also paradigm shift in image capture.
      -"quantum tunneling through logic gates" seems like an odd issue to bring up


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