Thursday, April 13, 2017

IISW 2017 Agenda

IISW to be held in Hiroshima, Japan on May 30-June 2, 2017 publishes its preliminary program. There are more than 100 image sensor papers, some of them quite surprising. Here are just some of the surprises:

Qualcomm works together with TSMC on a stacked image sensor design:

R02. A 3D Stacked Programmable Image Processing Engine in a 40nm Logic Process with a Detector Array in a 45nm CMOS Image Sensor Technologies
Biay‐Cheng Hseih, Keith Honea, Sami Khawam, Sergio Goma, RJ Lin, Chin‐Hao Chang, Charles Liu, Shang‐Fu Yeh, Hong‐Yi Tu, Kuo‐Yu Chou, Calvin Chao.
Qualcomm Technologies Inc. USA;
TSMC, Taiwan, ROC

Heptagon works with FBK on non-SPAD ToF image sensors with pinned PD and TG:

P22. Transfer-Gate Region Optimization and Pinned-Photodiode Shaping for High-Speed TOF Applications
Fabio Acerbi, Manuel Moreno Garcia, Gözen Köklü, Bernhard Buttgen, Radoslaw Gancarz, Alice Biber, Daniel Furrer, David Stoppa.
Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Center for Material and Microsystems, Italy;
Heptagon Advanced Micro Optics Pte Ltd., Switzerland

Brillnics publicly presents its technology, for the first time ever:

P29. Back Side Illuminated High Dynamic Range 3.0μm Pixel Featuring Vertical p-n Junction Capacitance in A Deep Pinned Photodiode
K. Mori, S.Okura, T. Hasegawa, S. Tanaka and I.Takayanagi.
Brillnics Japan Inc., Japan

Invisage comes up with a larger pixel sensor optimized for 940nm IR imaging:

R53. A QuantumFilm Based QuadVGA 1.5µm Pixel Image Sensor with Over 40% QE at 940 nm for Active Illumination Applications.
Nikolai Bock, Aurelien Bouvier, Dario Clocchiatti, Naveen Kolli, Vitanshu Sharma, Emanuele Mandelli.
InVisage Technologies, USA

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