Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Teledyne e2v Wins Bronze Innovators Award at Vision Systems Design 2017

Teledyne e2v has won a Vision Systems Design Innovators Bronze Award in recognition of its Emerald CMOS sensor family. The Emerald CMOS sensor family features the world’s smallest true global shutter and significantly improves DSNU by a factor of ten when compared to other CMOS products.


  1. well... the drawback of the Emerald is: its not yet available ;-) Lets see when we can test first samples

  2. 10X less compared to CMOSIS?

  3. The Emerald 16M is a great sensor to replace a CMV4000.
    2.8µm pixelsize is near half ot the large 5.5µm CMOSIS pixel. 4k x 4k in 1" the result. Great for inspection and mic.
    If you compare the Teledyne e2v datasheet values to CMOSIS EMVA1288 values:
    Dynamic: 63dB - 55dB
    Fullwell: 7k - 8.5k
    readout noise: 5e/2.5e - 15e
    SNR max: 38dB - 39dB

    1. One major spec missing: shutter efficiency. While we know that of the cmv, how much is that of emerald?!

  4. Due to some restrictions I can't tell you details. The CMOSIS has a official 1:50.000 pls. Working in voltage domain. The Emerald has a low noise, it has to be charge domain. If you looked at the vision show presentation it is a FSI sensor. To shield the storage node is the important thing. And if you take the shrinked pixel into account, you can imaging, that 1:10.000 maybe is a number. Or should the goal for them.
    For ITS applications for example: With QE of 65% and 7k FW, I assume around 25µs exposure for 100k illumination and F1.4. PLS of 1:1000 is useless then. 1:10.000 minimum to prevent ghost effects. We will see in a few month, they announced AS shortly.


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