Friday, December 29, 2017

Facial Recognition News

Japan Times reports that "Facial recognition technology will be used at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics to streamline the entry of athletes, officials and journalists to the games venues.

In light of concerns about terrorism, the games’ organizers aim to bolster security and prevent those involved in the 2020 Games from lending or borrowing ID cards.

The Justice Ministry deployed gates using facial recognition technology to screen passengers at Tokyo’s Haneda airport in October.

DailyMail reports about more cases of Apple Face ID false positive identifications in China.

Not only Apple face recognition system can fail. ZDNet reports that Germany-based SySS was able to trick some versions of Windows Hello on Surface Pro 4 equipped with an IR camera used by face recognition:

BLCV publishes a series of articles "Demystifying Face Recognition", currently 4 articles explaining everything from basics to more advanced computer learning aspects.

EETimes publishes an article about Germany-based FZI Research Center for Information Technology camera based face recognition and analyzing system to monitor driver's attention status:

Forbes: Facebook adds an optional face recognition feature that lets users find out when they appear in someone else's photos.

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