Monday, December 11, 2017

12nm Pixel Size

There is a funny mistake in Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus smartphone promotional video:


  1. It should be the quantum dot sensor from InVisage. They are always one step before Apple ... haha !

  2. thanks for those little lunch time laughter.

  3. I am often asked what the min. pixel size.
    I would say it is 600 nm.
    12 nm is far away from my imagination...

  4. that is so small!

  5. 12nm is an obvious typo, but I would like to remind that if, let's say 30-40 years ago, someone would say that light with wavelength of 193nm can be used to "print" lines 20-30 nm wide - that person would be ridiculed by physicists.

    Also, for a long time, people beleived that the minimum feature size in microelectronics is 1 um, then 0.1um, then 0.03nm - and we now have technologies with minimum feature size 5nm, and fabs are being built these days to produce 3nm designs...

    What was considered a fundamental limit set by physics and by nature, is being redefined in real life some some smart engineering solutions.

    1. Don't insult physicists. Some of the beliefs are by engineers not physicists.

    2. its probably much longer known by physics experts than by you that the directional metrics of light are different in their scale from the wave-front plane metrics of light. just because you dont know about is not the meter for the experts. ;-)

  6. I am a physicist myself.

    Just as an example -
    Whose beliefs in infallibility of Newtonian mechanics were (before the onset of theory of relativity and quantum mechanics) - phyisicists' or engineers'?


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