Monday, December 04, 2017

33-Mpixel 240-fps Stacked Sensor

NHK, Brookman, TSMC, and University of Tokyo publish an open-access IEEE TED paper "A 1.1- μm 33-Mpixel 240-fps 3-D-Stacked CMOS Image Sensor With Three-Stage Cyclic-Cyclic-SAR Analog-to-Digital Converters" by Toshiki Arai, Toshio Yasue, Kazuya Kitamura, Hiroshi Shimamoto, Tomohiko Kosugi, Sung-Wook Jun, Satoshi Aoyama, Ming-Chieh Hsu, Yuichiro Yamashita, Hirofumi Sumi, and Shoji Kawahito. The paper describes, basically, a 1-inch 8K video sensor with a slow-motion function:

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