Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sony Releases BSI ToF Sensor

After announcing development of BSI ToF sensor half a year ago, Sony announces the release of 1/2-inch VGA IMX456QL product, with samples shipments planned for April 2018. The pixel size is about 10um.

"While conventional ToF sensor has difficulty in measuring far distance of approximately 10 meters, the new product comes with a sensitivity raising mode, enabling distance measurement with a high rate of detection at these distances. It is also possible to capture high-precision depth maps in a VGA resolution at close distances of approximately 30 centimeters to 1 meter.

Additionally, because this sensor captures depth maps for each frame, it enables image capture at a higher frame rate than when using a laser to scan the object for distance measurement. This reduces distortion of moving subjects in depth maps.


  1. SPAD or demodulation pixels, anyone knows?

  2. IMX456 is a CAPD-based time of flight sensor

  3. sounds like dual storage global shutter

  4. See 2017 VLSI-C paper: Y. Kato, et al., "320x240 back-illuminated 10╬╝m CAPD pixels for high speed modulation Time-of-Flight CMOS image sensor"

  5. Also see Softkinect 2017 IISW paper:


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