Monday, December 18, 2017

Espros Tapes Out Pulsed Lidar Sensor

Espros December 2017 newsletter announces a tapeout of its pulsed LiDAR sensor:

"It is done! The design of the first LiDAR imager, or as we it call, pTOF imager is completed and the tapeout has happened a few days ago. The numbers are simply breath taking: The pixel has a sensitivity to recognize an object from 20 electrons only. This allows to detect an object in a 300m distance (white wall). A high performance 4-phase CCD with hundreds of gates operating at 250MHz clock does the time-to-location transformation. More than 10 million devices are placed on this chip. And more than 25 engineering man-years were squeezed into calendar year 2017. We are extremely proud on our chip design team for this outstanding achievement!"

Espros LiDAR sensor


  1. Congratulations Beat and all of the Espros team!

  2. Why they announce a tapeout? this chip is still year or two away.


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