Thursday, December 14, 2017

ON Semi Proposes CIS Technology for Analog Signal Processing

ON Semi patent application US20170350756 "Charge packet signal processing using pinned photodiode devices" by Roger Panicacci proposes using full charge transfer devices for a generic analog signal processing:

"It would... be desirable to provide improved signal processing circuitry without reliance on conventional high performance capacitors that dissipate power to support charge mixing or dissipate power to support switched capacitor circuit topologies.

Embodiments of the present invention relate to signal processing circuitry configured to transfer charge packets having an adjustable size to a circuit node. Adjustable size charge packets may originate at pinned photodiode structures. Adjustable size charge packets may be transferred to circuit nodes that provide a reference voltage for a comparator in a signal processing circuit such as an ADC.

Examples include 1st and 2nd order sigma-delta loops below:

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