Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sony Sensors Compared

Basler publishes a white paper "Sensor Comparison: Are all IMXs equal?" by Dominik Lappenk├╝per. Some food for thought from the paper:

"The first generation of this new [Pregius] sensor series includes the sensors IMX174 and IMX249. They have a pixel pitch of 5.86 um. In the first generation of the Pregius sensors, a particularly notable feature is the very high saturation capacity of over 32 ke-.

With the second generation of the Pregius series, Sony established a smaller pixel at 3.45 um. Due to the smaller pixels in the sensors of the 2nd generation, their saturation capacity greatly decreases, which results in values that are more typical for the CMOS sensors.

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"EMVA1288 standard offers the measured value of the “absolute threshold value for sensitivity”. It states the average number of required photons so that the signal to noise ratio is exactly 1."

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