Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Magic Leap Unveils its AR Glasses

Magic Leap unveils its first AR product - Magic Leap One Creator Edition glasses. There is an impressive camera and vision technology integrated into the glasses:

Rolling Stone was given a chance to see Magic Leap demo and was generally positive about the new glasses performance.


  1. Three pairs of stereo cameras on the front and two mono cameras on the side!

  2. I think that their approach is to make a digital fusion instead of optical combiner to merge real and virtual scenes. The camera is of high definition and small size, so the direct vision can be constructed by using a small retina display. This combination gives more global compactness ...

  3. Finally it comes out just traditional engineering rather than any magic. ...

  4. It seems they did NOT use laser scanning 3D display, but just traditional 3D. Quite disappointed...


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