Tuesday, December 12, 2017

MEMSDrive OIS vs. VCM-based OIS

MEMSDrive publishes comparison videos of its OIS against iPhone X and Galaxy Note8 VCM-based OIS:


  1. Is it a simple case of Iphone X and Note 8 OIS not compensating camera roll, only yaw/pitch?

    1. Yes it is, that is MEMsdrive's marketing message. All established OIS systems whether VCM, tunable optics, SMA etc move the lens barrel in some way, thus cannot compensate for camera roll. Memsdrive move the sensor so can also compensate for roll. However you then need to find a way to mount the sensor that allows it to move but is still robust for reliability, sealed against particulates and provides a path for the generated heat to escape. Even more challenging, you need to connect to that moving sensor.


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