Tuesday, September 24, 2019

GPixel Announces Cost Effective 4K Dual Line Scan Sensor

Gpixel announces the GL0402, a 4096 x 2 resolution, 7um square pixel size, global shutter line scan image sensor with 200kHz line rate offering a cost effective solution for various in line inspection and sorting applications.

GL0402 offers a read noise of less than 5e- and full well charge of higher than 11k e-, resulting in 66dB intra-scene DR. DR and sensitivity can be further increased by utilizing on-chip 1x2 and 2x2 charge domain binning. Maximum line rate of 200kHz line rate in single line and 100kHz line rate in dual-line mode is achieved over 12 pairs of sub-LVDS high speed outputs allowing data rates up to 10.9Gbit/sec.

We are pleased with this new GL0402 line scan sensor enabling our customers to develop next generation, cost effective in-line inspection systems,” commented Wim Wuyts, Chief Commercial Officer of Gpixel. “This new line scan product release also confirms our continued focus at line scan sensors developments which is an essential part of our fast-growing industrial inspection product portfolio.

The sensor is assembled in a compact 76 pins CLCC and is offered in two chroma versions: the monochromatic sensor and RGB Bayer color. Samples are available by September 2019.

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