Thursday, September 05, 2019

LiDAR News: Lumotive, LeiShen, CoreDAR, Hitachi

GlobeNewswire: Lumotive, a Bill Gates-funded LiDAR startup, used Himax’s LCOS display with Lumotive’s patented Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces (LCMs) to improve the performance, reliability and cost of LiDAR systems. Other LiDAR sensors utilize MEMS mirrors or optical phased arrays. However, both of these approaches lack performance due to the small optical aperture of MEMS mirrors and the low efficiency of phased arrays. In a first for LiDAR, Lumotive leverages Himax’s unique, tailor-made LCOS process to convert semiconductor chips into dynamic displays that steer laser pulses based on the light-bending principles of metamaterials.

Lumotive’s LiDAR systems offer performance advantages, including a combination of:
  • Large optical aperture (25 x 25 mm) which delivers long range
  • 120-degree FoV with high angular resolution
  • Fast, random-access beam steering

Leishen Intelligent System presents its broad range of low-cost LiDARs. An automotive grade hybrid LiDAR CH16 3D is priced at $599 in quantities of 10,000:

Update: LeiShen kindly sent me their price list for small quantity purchases:

CoreDAR presents its tiny LiDAR concept:

Hitachi presents its view on LiDAR's role in smart city applications:

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