Monday, September 30, 2019

Sony Reorgs IS Group

Correction: The IS is Information Services Division. This news does not have any relation to image sensor business.

Sony announces organizational and management changes in image sensor information services business. It appears that image sensors moved from Imaging & Sensing Solutions to Corporate IS Department. Also, the matrix R&D structure of Development Division #1 and #2 has been morphed into Application Technology Development, System and Platform Technology Development, and Fundamental Technology Research and Development organizations. No explanation for the re-org is given.


  1. Sony has a reorg every fiscal year, which begins Oct 1. This is part of their corporate culture, plus boils off those who hit the mandatory retirement age of 60, which isn't all that old.

    1. Sony fiscal year starts on April 1. What is the logic to change the organization mid-year?

  2. Japanese companies with end-March fiscal year generally make personnel/management changes twice/year - once in April and once in October.


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