Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Omnivision Announces 2.2um Global Shutter Pixel with 40% QE at 940nm

PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the smallest-ever pixel size of 2.2um for a BSI, GS image sensor. The new OG01A sensor combines PureCel Plus-S pixel and Nyxel NIR technology to achieve QE of 40% at 940nm and 60% at 850nm.

The OG01A is well-suited to multiple machine-vision applications, including AR/VR headsets, drones, robots, and SLAM, as well as facial authentication in smartphones and other consumer electronics. This technology is also ideal for automotive in-cabin driver state monitoring and eye tracking.

"The OG01A has the industry's smallest global shutter pixel and provides the best NIR performance in a GS sensor," said Devang Patel, senior staff marketing manager for the security and emerging segments at OmniVision. "There is a growing need for global shutter technology to accurately capture images of moving objects, along with excellent NIR performance and small size, in camera applications such as AR/VR headsets, drones, robots and smartphones. The OG01A delivers the industry's best combination of features for these applications."

The 1.3MP OG01A sensor provides 1280x1024 resolution at 120 fps and 640x480 resolution at 240 fps in a compact 1/5 inch optical format. Samples are available now.


  1. does Omnivision use a foundry partner e.g. TSMC to produce its sensors?

  2. Replies
    1. Where did you get the data? smartasens or euro one?


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