Wednesday, September 04, 2019

sCMOS Sensors: Fairchild Imaging vs GPixel paper "Evaluation of scientific CMOS sensors for sky survey applications" by S.Karpov, A.Bajat, A.Christov, M.Prouza from Czech Academy of Sciences compares Andor cameras based on Fairchild Imaging CIS2051 (Neo camera) and GPixel GSense400BSI (Marana camera) sCMOS sensors:

Scientific CMOS image sensors are a modern alternative for a typical CCD detectors, as they offer both low read-out noise, large sensitive area, and high frame rates. All these makes them promising devices for a modern wide-field sky surveys. However, the peculiarities of CMOS technology have to be properly taken into account when analyzing the data. In order to characterize these, we performed an extensive laboratory testing of Andor Marana sCMOS camera. Here we report its results, especially on the temporal stability and linearity, and compare it to the previous versions of Andor sCMOS cameras. We also present the results of an on-sky testing of this sensor connected to a wide-field lens, and discuss its applications for an astronomical sky surveys.

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