Monday, September 23, 2019

Self-Reset HDR Pixel Paper

A team of researches from Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart, Germany, has chosen quite an unusual place for its paper on HDR pixel - Advances in Radio Science Journal. The paper "Realization and opto-electronic Characterization of linear Self-Reset Pixel Cells for a high dynamic CMOS Image Sensor" by Stefan Hirsch, Markus Strobel, Wolfram Klingler, Jan Dirk Schulze Spüntrup, Zili Yu, and Joachim N. Burghartz "focuses on two topics: One is the realization and opto-electronic characterization of further self-reset pixel cells for an experimental optimization of the functionality with respect to linearity and high signal-to-noise ratio. The second one is the assembly and digital readout of a cluster structure composed of 16 × 16 pixel matrix on a CMOS test chip."

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