Wednesday, September 25, 2019

TowerJazz Announces the Availability of its Stacked BSI Hybrid Bonding Technology

GlobeNewswire: TowerJazz releases its advanced 65nm stacked BSI hybrid bonding technology manufactured in Company’s 300mm facility in Uozu, Japan. This new offering, implemented in pixel level, enables a reduced pixel size along with enhanced performance by splitting the pixel IC functionality between two wafers. With a pitch smaller than 4µm, sensors manufactured with this technology provide higher data rate, lower power consumption, better performance, and smaller form factor, accurately meeting the innovative requirements of world-leading growing markets and applications including automotive, high-end photography, event-driven sensors and ToF, among others.

We are very pleased to announce this new and highly advanced offering, providing our customers with extensive technological solutions which enable them to competitively lead in their markets,” said Avi Strum, SVP and GM of the Sensor Business Unit at TowerJazz. “As always, we are greatly committed to bring to market the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art pixel performance providing strategic, value-add development opportunities and roadmap.

With pixel functionality split between wafers, TowerJazz hybrid BSI stacking, electrically connects each of the PD in the imaging top wafer to the pixel circuit in the bottom wafer. This new offering is an expansion of the Company’s CIS technology which includes stitching with 1D and 2D for large format sensors in the high-end photography, industrial and medical X-Ray markets, as well as advanced SPAD technology profoundly used in the rapidly growing automotive market with silicon proven pixels that can be customized to customer specifications.

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