Monday, September 30, 2019

Local TV Reports on ON Semi Rochester Layoffs

Rochester, NY, local TV station reports that ON Semi announced layoffs of 30 of its employees:

"A company spokesperson says it's shutting down space used to create certain image sensors, which are no longer in high demand in the tech industry.

“ON Semiconductor is committed to staying in in the New York area through recently announced partnerships,” said Michael Miller, general manager and director of operations at ON Semiconductor. “Our Rochester site will still support pixel design and modeling, device characterization and test engineering. In additional to these engineering functions, certain marketing functions for our Intelligent Sensing Group will remain onsite.”

Thanks to DG for the link!


  1. I must in turn acknowledge that I got the link from SM, who lives around there. DG

  2. Altasens... now OnSemi... is it even possible to compete US-based company with giants like Sony?

    1. Altasens was working on CMOS image sensors and a little late to that game. This is the Kodak CCD business that ON-Semi acquired and really a very different story than Altasens. Hard to connect the dots between them. But, Sony WAS a giant in CCDs and was challenged by Photobit/Micron, technically speaking. So one just needs to invent the next gen image capture device. Perhaps it has already been invented. Could be photon-counting image sensors (QIS via CMOS or SPAD pixels for example.) Could be dynamic vision sensors. Or could be something entirely new. The cup is (more than) half full friend.


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