Wednesday, January 15, 2020

e2v Announces 37.7MP 86fps GS Sensor in 4/3-inch Format

Teledyne e2v announces its new Emerald 36M, a 37.7MP sensor for industrial and outdoor applications requiring both high resolution and high speed.

Emerald 36M combines 6k square resolution, high frame rate, low noise, high QE, and wide angular response. The sensor is available in an ultra-high speed and a high-speed versions, respectively providing 86fps and 43fps at full resolution.

The sensor fits standard Four Thirds optics, and is said to be the world’s highest resolution global shutter sensor to fit these lenses. Emerald 36M is pin-to-pin and optically compatible with Emerald 67M, so that multiple resolutions and speed grades are possible from a single camera design.

Marie-Charlotte Leclerc, Marketing Manager at Teledyne e2v said, “We are delighted to release the Emerald 36M. The sensor is already gathering interest from vision system designers looking forward to improved accuracy and throughput with optimized inspection system paths. And beyond the factory floor, Emerald 36M enables surveillance over wider fields of view and provides higher autonomy for aerial mapping and security solutions.

Evaluation kits and samples of Emerald 36M are available now.

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